TL 5000 Series Surgical Lights

TL 5000 Series Surgical Lights

The simple-to-use OR light that adapts to your surgical needs.

With a lightweight design and flexible array of features, the TL 5000 Series of Surgical Lights makes it simpler for your team to shed light on surgical sites. Easily position the light as needed while relying on integrated features that ensure consistent and powerful light for the whole procedure.


Adjustable color temperature gives optimal contrast and ideal lighting of all tissue areas.

Innovative optical design and adjustable light field diameter give continuous illumination.

Automatic focus feature uses an integrated motion detector to keep illumination consistent if the light is moved.

Lightweight head and center-mounted yoke make light easy to maneuver.

Optional Surgical Camera and monitor holder solutions bring full HD quality to your OR.

Powerful and durable LEDs produce minimal heat, enabling a longer life cycle.

Non-sterile outer handles with integrated LEDs give better visibility in darkened environments.

Environmentally friendly design minimizes use of hazardous substances, uses recyclable aluminum and ships in recyclable packaging.