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Hillrom Progressa Bed

  • Promote Early Mobility

To support patients through early mobilization, the Progressa bed offers flexible frame options to best move patients in and out of the bed—including FullChair®, side egress and chair egress positions. And to get patients up and walking sooner, Progressa supports a Progressive Mobility® Protocol that walks caregivers through 5 steps:

  1. Breathe
  2. Tilt
  3. Sit
  4. Stand
  5. Move
  • Reduce Pulmonary Complications

To reduce ICU length of stay and improve outcomes, Progressa bed provides therapy—with early mobility, continuous lateral rotation and percussion & vibration.

  • Prevent Pressure Injuries

To improve safety and overall patient outcomes, Progressa provides a best-in-class surface technology to prevent pressure injuries. Prevention Surface Healp prevent and manage skin breakdown Therapy Surface Powered surface help prevent pressure injuries Pulmonary Surface Helps prevent ventilator-acquired complications with CLRT and P&V therapies

  • Optimized Patient and Caregiver Safety

A 3-Mode Bed Exit Alarm alerts your caregivers when a patient may be exiting the bed. The Head-Of-Bed Angle Alarm alerts caregivers to any protocol compliance concerns, so you can optimize care. StayInPlace™ technology responds dynamically to a patient’s Head-Of-Bed angle—helping prevent the patient from sliding down the bed and minimize repositioning. IntelliDrive® Powered Transport allows a single caregiver to easily and safely transport the bed, with precise stopping and turning controls.